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Should homework be banned? Get an objective analysis here

In every event in life, there are advantages as well as disadvantages. Where the disadvantage is more, it is best to avoid such an event because of the harm it might likely cause. We shall take a look at the usefulness or otherwise of homework for students in the educational sector as you are going to see through the analysis that you care about reading. Should homework be banned? We provide an objective answer below:

Facts supporting the ban on homework

  • The downtime: After the child has spent 8 hrs in school at a stretch, there is the need for a break from academic work. Adding another 2 hrs of homework at home is a punishment too much for the child.
  • More time together: The bond in the family unit is gradually been eroded. When students spend long hours away from home, there is a need for them to bond effectively with the family; homework stands between this family bond.
  • Irrelevant content: Some of the homework is not based on what the student learned in school. The contents are irrelevant in most of the cases.
  • The impact on the child: According to research findings gotten from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); 4 hrs of homework weekly assessment has no impact in the life of the child.
  • Different effects of writing: There is no iron cast proof that writing and research will enhance the performance of students
  • Perception of students differs: Some students understand the subject matter by watching related videos on the videos on the subject while it a different kettle of tea for some others. 
  • Support: In a situation where teachers fail to give all that the student needed to get the task done at home in class; the results that mattered will not be achieved.
  • Extra challenge: For students that combine extra after class business schedules with their education, homework will be a load that will be too heavy for them to carry.
  • The kid’s nerve: Teachers ignore the adverse effects of homework on the mental health of the child. This is another reason why it should be banned.
  • The focus: Students that focus on their assignments risk failure in their exams.


  • Let us now briefly look at the pros of sustaining homework
  • It minimizes time spent on the screen by students which is a big plus for the child
  • It improves the time management skills in the student
  • Positive impact on critical thinking
  • A sense of independence will be developed
  • Research skills are enhanced in the child
  • Students will learn to multi-task

It should be noted that homework should not be assigned to students when it is a day to their examination date.

Final Take 

Having through what it is involved in both sides of the divide, it should not be difficult to take a definite stand on the subject of placing a ban or not on homework for the child. What you have above is an objective analysis on both sides of the coin. No matter what your tutor's position is, sometimes you are assigned to do homework. If you can't cope with it on your own, it's time to visit Rank My Service and choose a helper that fits your needs, avoiding the inappropriate and fraudulent ones.

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