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Is homework helpful to students?

Ideally, homework is supposed to be helpful to students and help them to improve their grades. It is an essential aspect of the educational system, especially at the middle school level. When taken seriously, it can improve the basic life skills of students. 

It appears students don’t know the benefits of homework and why they should do it. Hence, they keep asking themselves, why do we have to do homework? Today we will try to find answers to the question is homework helpful to students? 

Is homework helpful to students?

There have been several types of research on the impact of homework on students. The outcomes vary with some for and others against homework at specific grades. Nevertheless, it is generally agreed that homework is beneficial to students. 

Home assignment is meant to complement what is taught in the classroom. Also, it aims to reinforce the knowledge and skills of students and prepare them for subsequent lessons. It also teaches students some life skills like discipline and time management. 

Parents also benefit from their kids doing homework. They can contribute to their education and monitor what the children learn in school.

In regards to teachers, homework improves communication between them and the student. Through feedbacks, they can know the shortfalls of students and device measures to help them. They can, therefore, assign weaker students with personalized homework and monitor them from that.

With the few above mentions, it is undoubtedly clear that homework is helpful to students. Now let’s look at some importance of homework. 

Why is homework importance

To all the students who have been asking why do we have to do homework, here are some reasons to take your homework seriously. 

When you do your homework teaches you how to work independently when the need arises. When you can gather your resource materials, equipment and do the needed research towards it, you are surely learning how to manage a project yourself during your career.

You learn how to overcome challenges by doing your homework. Home assignments are meant to be challenging to enable students to think outside the box for solutions. This is purely a lesson since challenging times may show its ugly head sometimes, and you can deal with them better.

Through homework, students can continue the learning process. For most students, learning should end in the classroom and shouldn’t be extended home. So they wouldn’t want to open their books after school. But homework puts them in check so they can reinforce the knowledge and information acquired at school.

After a lesson, educators need to know whether the students understood what was thought. They achieve this best through assigning homework. After marking, they can determine whether to go over the topic again or not.

  • Other benefits of homework are 
  • It helps students to develop learning skills and discipline
  • Students become time conscious 
  • Helps them to explore


After reading through the numerous benefits of homework, do you still think homework isn’t necessary? Will you continue to ask why you need to do homework? Treat your assignments with all the importance it requires.

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