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Advantages and Disadvantages of Banning Homework

First of all, homework refers to the assignments, set of activities, or something teachers permit learners to do from home. This work most often comes to the parent’s knowledge, and thus they tend to sacrifice and help their children with such work. 

Statistically, the learners get pumped with more work than they can handle in one night. Let us take a situation where there may be five subjects. In a day, a teacher might give homework to students. After a while, the rest of the teachers will try to do the same, making them do five assignments in a night, which seems odd and troubling to me.

You too might have your opinion, but for an expert, the homework deserves banning, and this is because of the following reasons:

  • No time for the child to do his or her favorites 

Most homework goes up to about two hours or so, and that time is super standard for a learner. After all the eight hours at school, how again does a teacher nail a student to two hours of homework? Children have many things to do, like making friends, playing with the other kids around the neighborhood, doing things they like or playing video games, and many more. Sometimes their parents need their help, and that’s limited given the nature of homework assignments given.

  • Bad Test results

Most times, students, when given homework, focus on it so much that there is a significant risk of them failing their tests, most homework goes for long hours, and this is a source of utter disturbance to the childlike video games or even television. To get better grades, children deserve to focus on the examination, not homework.

  • Mental disturbance

There have been moments when children said they felt under pressure to do their homework, and this is never good and healthy to a child because this makes the child nervous this forth destructing his focus, and then he or she mentally dwindles.

  • Affects after school hustles

There are students in higher learning institutions who get to work after school to do side jobs called “hustles” these hustles are spoilt by the homework the student is to do. It sets up a contrast in the students’ minds, but most ignore the homework or get it done by other people, which does not help or benefit the student.

  • Insufficient Help 

When the students get assigned homework, they cannot answer all the questions and need law assignment help, but their parents have work to do too. These people turn to friends who sometimes are like them, so this bears no fruits, which calls for a ban on homework.

Reasons to confirm the existence of homework

Here are some of the reasons homework deserves to stay to make the students better learners.

  • Reduction in redundancy time.

We encounter many situations when students spend up to eight hours a day watching television. Yet, in a real sense, they should spend about three hours watching television, with homework, there is a guarantee that the students are getting busy with school work.

  • Better critical thinking

Better thinking improves by regular homework, and if grated off, students will not improve mentally.

  • Independence

Most children desire independence; getting to do homework on their own offers them a chance to do things independently, teaching them a sense of independence.


At the point of the bayonet, everyone would say homework should stay, and so do I. Homework makes people get to do something at a time of idleness and has proven helpful.

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