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Homework and Depression: Where is the Connection?

There are many theories and myths about homework. Some are positive and others are negative. Since its inception, homework has formed part and parcel of learning to this date. Homework is given for different reasons, hence the different types of assignments given by teachers.  Even though the initial reason for giving assignments when homework was discovered was to punish students, things have changed over time. It is not the same case today.

Today, students can be given assignments for practice to work on what they have already learnt in the classroom. They could also be given for preparatory purposes in preparation for an oncoming lesson. As students work on these assignments, there are underlying objectives that must be met. As part of the reasons why students do assignments, integration of skills learnt is included in these tests. They could also be done for extension purposes where students get to talk about what they learnt on something new.

Depression among Students

There is depression everywhere and for that reason, the school environment is not an exception. Therefore, it will be unfair to attribute a student's depression to homework alone. In most cases, it is a summation of various factors and that could also include homework. Throughout the years, there have been arguments for and against homework use in learning institutions. Opponents of homework believe that homework has produced more negative effects than good. However, this can be argued out differently.


Depression stemming from homework may probably be due to an unplanned way of managing it. Here are instances when homework can be a burden and problematic to students:

  • Failure to manage assignments and plan them. When students take assignments as optional and not a requirement, they may not plan in a good time. This leaves them with a lot of work on the table to be accomplished in a short period. This can be stressful and depressing.
  • When reasons and objectives are not explained. For every assignment, there are instructions and objectives to be met. When these are not explained, students may end up doing the wrong thing and when they fail in the assignment, it is bound to build stress in their lives.
  • Procrastination. Students who procrastinate assignments may find themselves struggling to do them ultimately. So many other things come up during school and learners don't get to know the best approach to get out of that mess hence leading to stress.
  • Working in a destructive environment. The inability to finish assignments due to distractions is humiliating. The feeling of having an unaccomplished assignment throws students in a depressing mood. It is therefore important to look for quiet space to avert this problem.

Final Remarks

When managed properly, homework is more helpful than destructive. Therefore, students need to learn ways of managing it so that they are not overwhelmed by unaccomplished tasks. Homework is there to help you learn more and prepare for future activities and life in totality. However, it can lead to depression when not handled correctly.

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