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Some Homework Excuses by Students: The Good the Bad and the Lazy

It is said that punishing someone for not doing something is mostly unfair. If that is the case, why are students disciplined for refusing to do homework? That the question from students who typically fail to do their assignments. Some students see homework as a waste of time and are not ready to sacrifice their extra-curriculum activities for it. As such, they come up with all kinds of excuses when asked to submit their work. Some of these excuses are untenable or sarcastic. Have you been caught in that net before? Let’s look at some of these excuses students give for not doing their homework.

I left it home 

It is funny when teachers asked students to submit their homework, and they receive answers like “I left it home.” How can you forget it home if you did it? Serious students know the importance of homework to their final grades. Immediately they are done with it; they put it in their bags so that they don’t forget it home. So, how did you forget yours? Or you probably took the wrong bag to school?

I forgot I had homework

Students sometimes pretend to forget that they had homework to do. When asked to submit their work, they will start scratching the head and look seemingly confused about what’s going on. Fast forward, all they will say is I forgot I had homework to do. Teachers mostly do not buy this kind of excuse. To them, forgetting is a lame excuse, and it’s just like intentionally not doing the homework. If you didn’t forget to have your supper that evening, how did you forget you had a homework? You better get it done to avoid been penalized.

My computer/printer developed a fault

I remember giving this same excuse some years back during my college years. It was a genuine excuse because I saved all the work on my computer only to have my hard disk crash on the day of submission. Too bad the teacher was not convinced enough to have it submitted later. Some students continue to give this kind of excuse, and teachers are tired of hearing. But the lamest is when you say your printer developed a fault. What if your teacher asked you to send a soft copy through the e-mail. If you don’t want to look stupid in front of other students, spend time doing your homework. 

The homework was complicated 

I empathize with students who are sometimes overwhelmed with the kind of homework they are meant to do. Yes, homework should be challenging by not overly difficult. But for you to tell the teacher that you refused to do the work because it was challenging is childish. This is why it was given as homework. You are required to research the topic or seek help from 123Homework professionals when you find the work too difficult. Teachers should also consider the type of homework they give to kids.

I had a lot to do at home

Admittedly, some children return from school to have piles of home chores awaiting them. Some have to assist their parents in the workplace, while others have part-time jobs after school. They end up being exhausted, and the last thing they think about is doing homework. At that particular time, all they want is a good night's sleep. 

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