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What Is The Importance Of Doing Homework On Weekends?

Most students wish they had no homework to tie them to their desks or at home in the evening, during weekends and holidays. However, this is not always possible because the teacher and department have a different agenda. This leaves you wondering on the importance of these assignments. Here are a few points that will make you reconsider your idea on the assignments.

Good for Revision

Imagine if you encountered a topic once in class and forgot about it! It would be difficult to tackle a question on the topic when it comes up in the examination. This is what would happen if you fail to do assignments. As you sit through the exercises in the evening, you will be revisiting what the teacher taught you in class during the day. The concepts get engraved on your mind such that it will be difficult to forget. In most subjects, especially the practical ones like math and physics, a lot of practise is required. In the process of completing your economics assignment, you will be revising what was taught in class.

Every student should learn in class and independently manage to work on the exercises. When you do your homework in the absence of your teacher, you struggle with the questions and find a solution. This makes you to believe that you can do it in the absence of your teacher. You begin to search for clues and information from other sources like books, internet or from a helper. This is a major lesson on self-reliance. This lesson will prove important during examinations and in life when you have to make personal decisions.

The questions you encounter as you do homework are similar to what you will find during your examinations. Further, the environment will be similar. Your teacher will not intervene whenever you face a difficult question. Assignments therefore become a practising ground for the scenario during your examination. You build mental strength and confidence to tackle the questions without getting assistance from your teacher.

The benefits of homework extend to your teacher and the education system as well. Teachers give assignments based on the topics they have taught or those they are targeting to teach. With the assignment, a teacher can determine the strengths and weaknesses of his class. Your teacher will understand the areas you are having difficulties with and provide a solution. It is the best way to boost your class work and avoid lagging behind the rest of the students.

It is common for students to seek homework help from family members, friends, peers and others in their circles. This enables them to participate in your academic life. They will take pride in your success and will guide you in the areas they can. You will be surprised at the amount of help that could come from your family members and friends. It is free and high quality.

The importance of homework cannot be over emphasized. It extends to students, teachers, parents and the entire education system. This is an invitation to take the assignments positively because they will make your learning easier and fruitful.

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